Amy works at the intersection of organizational development, knowledge management and communications. A long time producer of video documentaries and knowledge assets, her focus has been on knowledge sharing and organizational growth; developing content to support learning, leadership, and effective teams.

Her professional experience includes 8 years working as a staff producer at McKinsey and Company NYC. Working on digital knowledge assets for McKinsey’s ‘KNOW’ portal knowledge management initiative, Amy was responsible for content development with subject matter experts, as well as the production quality, branding and digital workflow of the multimedia knowledge assets. In her role as Practice Knowledge Manager, she worked with industry sector practices to identify knowledge gaps, where media was the most useful tool for dissemination of sector specific knowledge. Focusing on organizational development and training tools, she produced and documented organizational profiles, performance initiatives, and cultural change programs as well as developing content drawn from organizational narratives to highlight attitudes towards those initiatives. She also worked extensively with the emerging Leadership Development Practice producing new learning content for Directors and Partners. This led to her joining the start up team for the McKinsey Centre for Asian Leadership in Singapore, where she worked in several areas: practice branding and communications, event design, documentation of engagements, executive coaching and leadership development content. Working with the start up team, she gained experience defining the knowledge architecture for the new Practice, and led the development of learning assets for clients and teams, as well as relationships with external faculty to produce tailored content for the leadership development programs being rolled out across Asia. After completion of her assignment at the McKinsey Centre for Asian Leadership in Singapore  she has been working independently in research communications and editorial, developing content for grant proposals, books and other publications.