Applied research communications expertise makes what you know more valuable; to your community of practice, to your institution and stakeholders, students, clients and followers. With a focus on relevance and impact, strategic planning is both specific and broad; developing new pathways for disseminating your latest work, to planning communications for near, medium and long range horizons – going beyond the typical channels and reaching new audiences. Translating your expertise for multiple audiences is key. Approaches include:

  • Research documentation
    • Documentaries, video & photography, interviews, communication of impact
  • Knowledge Architecture
    • Designing frameworks that optimize access to what you know
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Practices for sharing and dissemination across teams, networks and funders
  • Publications
    • Content development – books, journal articles, websites/social media, communications
  • Grants and awards cultivation
    • White papers, grant writing, progress/annual/final reports
  • Research editorial
    • Literature reviews, perspectives and trends on selected topics