Working Knowledge puts a focus on the practice of sharing knowledge with the experts in, and beyond, your domain, with partners, collaborators, stakeholders/funders, individuals and communities that can use it. Working Knowledge brings a depth of experience to your work, creating a narrative that clearly defines context, impact and relevance of your work while reaching your audiences and communication objectives. This approach applies to all forms of research and practice communications; from grants for research funding to documentaries, case studies, journal articles, books, media, learning content, websites/social media and reputation building. If you would like a new perspective on your work, documentation, content development or a strategy for your communications, please connect with us. Projects, documentaries and publications include:

  • Content development and editorial for a 3 year National Science Foundation funded grant
  • Development of a research communications and dissemination strategy for NSF awarded project
    (videos, publications, social media, documentation)
  • Content development for numerous knowledge sharing/learning initiatives for global consultancy
  • Video documentary on organizational structure and culture for Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ)
  • Research editorial & content development for high impact journal articles (Nature, etc)
  • Video documentary on a five-year study in leadership development with interviews and debriefs
  • Multiple short form documentaries and communications campaigns for organizational development and management initiatives